Education Grantees


Organization Project
AJEEC-NISPED (Arab-Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment and Cooperation and Negev Institute for Strategies of Peace and Development)  Bridgetech Hi-Tech and Industrial Gap Year Program
Al Sanad Capacity building to conduct a community needs assessment and to employ a fundraiser
Beit Berl College Center for Shared Society
Center for Educational Technology (CET)  Joint Shared Life Training Programs for Arab and Jewish School Principals in Jerusalem
Givat Haviva  Hebrew Language Enrichment Program for Arab Middle Schools
Israel Democracy Institute  Arab-Jewish Relations Center: Research and policy recommendations for Arab Informal Education
MERCHAVIM: The Institute for the Advancement of Shared Citizenship in Israel  Arab Teacher Integration Program
The Abraham Fund Initiatives (TAFI)  Spoken Hebrew as a Cultural Bridge in Israel’s Arab Elementary School System
*current as of April 23, 2018