Emerging Issues Grantees

Current Grantees: 
AJEEC-NISPED—The  Alumni Organization of the AJEEC-NISPED Arab-Jewish Gap Year
Building on its gap year program, AJEEC-NISPED has launched an alumni association to strengthen connections among its 500 Jewish and Arab alumni of shared society programming located throughout Israel. This program will help alumni continue to develop their commitment to Arab-Jewish cooperation and community empowerment, as well as providing opportunities for professional networking, the development of cooperative projects,  and promoting Arab-Jewish cooperation through shared society programming and outreach in universities, schools, and the community. Planned activities include: convening a national meeting in Beersheva, smaller chapters in Jerusalem and Lod, electing a national Executive Committee, trainings, lectures and workshops.

Hand in Hand: Center for Jewish-Arab Education in Israel—From Students to Citizens – Program for HIH’s Alumni
Hand in Hand’s program enables its alumni to become ambassadors of HIH’s vision of social and civic equality, helping to create a shared society in Israel. With the help of HIH, alumni are more able to face the challenges of transitioning from being students in HIH’s frameworks to citizens confronting the social realities of a divided society. The program also creates a structure for alumni to give back to their schools and initiate shared society activities for the community. The Alumni program offers activities such as monthly meetings, overnight retreats, alumni-led programming, and initiation of activities on college campuses, city wide cultural events and for civil society organizations.

Mahapach-Taghir—Alumni in Action
Mahapach-Taghir’s program targets student alumni, providing a platform on which they can build their own initiatives promoting equality, empowerment & shared society values in their home communities.  Drawn from a pool of 2500 student volunteers, Mahapach-Taghir established a group of joint Jewish & Arab activists who meet monthly with an experienced Alumni Coordinator, providing tools and support to these activists.  Alumni will then be able to develop and implement their own shared society initiatives in order to advance equal opportunities and shared society through alumni activism. Through this program, Mahapach-Taghir will develop an alumni network to promote the values of equality, social justice, community change and shared society on local, regional & national levels.