Funding Guidelines

SVF uses a variety of general and context-specific guidelines to support our grant making.  Among the funding opportunities we seek are ones that:

  • Help build and expand the network of Jews and Arabs that work to enhance shared society
  • Take a strategic, long-term perspective, with a focus on system-wide impacts
  • Have the potential to replicate or scale regionally or nationally
  • Utilize cross cutting, holistic, multi-stakeholder approaches to solving problems
  • Represent a mix of small entrepreneurial efforts, grassroots organizations and larger well- established organizations
  • Support organizations that maintain staff and board diversity including Jewish/Arab co-leadership.
  • Have the capacity to access, leverage and encourage government and philanthropic matching funds when available
  • May involve a degree of risk in order to help launch new models  
  • Enhance shared learning and collaboration within our grantor and grantee communities

Additionally, SVF maintains active partnerships with the Jewish Funders Network (JFN) and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues (IATF) in order to support our mutual efforts to expand philanthropic support for shared society in Israel.