Economic Development Grantees (2020)

AJEEC Mubadara-economic development planning in Negev Bedouin communities
AJEEC-NISPED (passthrough for Rahat Economic Development Corporation) The Rahat Economic Development Corporation will establish a business promotion unit that will map the small and medium size businesses and provide consultation to assist in greater business sustainability.
Al Siraj General support final year for NGO advancing a pathway from high school to work force for Negev Bedouins. High School outreach, hackathons, exposure to univ; university exposure to industry, and on the job training preparatory to employment in Siraj software house.
Arab Center for Alternative Planning Urban planning in Arab society-evaluate outcomes from 922, promote new govt decision “923”, and develop new departnet focused on urban development in Arab communities
Hasoub General support to advance hi tech entrepreneurship on university campuses, in local towns and in cooperation with venture investors.
Injaz: Center for Arab Professional Local Governance Provide professional staffing for the National Committee of Arab Mayors for its Economic Development in Arab local authorities subcommittee: assess outcomes from 922 implementation; complete strategic plan components relating to ec. dev in Arab local authorities and develop models for self generating revenue for ALA’s.
Israel Venture Network Talent Team Emergency Grant to enable boutique headhunting firm to employ a specialized employment recruiter in the hi tech field
Magid Institute, Hebrew University aChord: Arab Jobseekers Project- Implementation of research and policy recommendations to encourage Arab job seekers to enter into the private work force through collaboration with NGO placement organizations like Tsofen, Kav Mashve, ITWORKS, etc.
Sikkuy Advocate for govt to build essential service centers, provide public transport services, construct high schools and kindergartens, and deliver proper water access to Negev Bedouins in unrecognized villages.
Sikkuy (passthrough for National Committee of Arab Mayors) Monitoring the implementation of Government Resolution 922 and promoting a new five-year socio-economic plan for the years 2021-2025. Coordinate and lead national strategic plan with various NGO’s (ACAP, Injaz, Sikkuy, Tsofen)
Tsofen Produce and publish policy paper and policy recommendations for the integration of Arab citizens into the high fech field from high school through work force entry and advancement. Plan is a component of a national strategic plan by National Committee of Arab Mayors for a continuation of govt decision 922.
Tsofen (passthrough for Kfar Qasem Ec. Dev. Corp.) Klika Hub-social and business entrepreneurship hub serving the greater Kfar Kassem area; a partnership with the municipality of Kfar Kassem. Funds pay for a business outreach coordinator.