Emerging Issues Grantees (2021)

Abraham InitiativesMixed Cities
Israel Democracy InstituteMaster Plan for Mixed Cities
Mahapach TaghrirLearning Community in Hermon Neighborhood of Acre
Neve Shalom Wahat Al SalaamYear-long course for 20 Arab and Jewish women and men, municipal and community leaders in mixed cities to increase their understanding of the ‘other’ and help them bridge differences and make changes to increase equality and meet the needs of all city residents.
Ramle FoundationOrganize and convene an intercommunal group of young leaders who will serve as part of a young leaders municipal forum.
Tikkun for Bustan in Nof HaGalilA grassroots social change initiative which is a joint venture of Tikkun with Arab and Jewish residents of Nof Hagalil organizing a range of community activities, digital awareness, and cooperation with the municipality to advance the idea of a shared city.