Education Grantees (2020)

AJEEC Bridgetech in Kfar Kassem: hi-tech focused gap year program in Southern Triangle
AJEEC Shared Learning in the Negev: Jewish and Bedouin Arab teachers and students learning English together
Al Rowad Capacity building employment of CEO in science education NGO for Arab children across Israel
Al Sanad Final year -organizational capacity building employment of CEO and fundraiser in leadership development Arab led NGO in the southern Triangle
Amal Arab university students teach spoken Arabic in 14 Jewish elementary schools for 5th grade classes; a partnership with the municipality of Tel Aviv and Perach Volunteer Program.
Israel Center for Educational Innovation Arab Literacy Pilot Initiative-Develop pilot educational model to teach Arabic reading and writing in Arab elementary schools.
Rothschild Partnerships Masar-gap year program for Arab post high school students in Ara-Arara and in Arabe. Prep for university and career planning
Sikkuy Advocacy to advance shared society education in government policies and in funding: with Beit Berl College develop models for teaching student teachers to lead shared society education programs; increase representation of Arab citizens in Hebrew textbooks; and promote proper standards for Arabic language education in Jewish schools.
Tamar Center Capacity building employment of senior mgt staff of NGO advancing high quality STEM matriculation
The Democratic Institute-Society and Education Netivim- Informal Education Training for Bedouin students at Kaye College. Certification in Informal Education preparation for entry in informal education frameworks in the Negev, and placement of graduates in informal education programs.